About Us

about1Who We Are
Survival Systems USA, Inc. is an employee-owned company dedicated to safety and survival education. We are the world’s leader in underwater egress training and water survival techniques. If your business or pleasure takes you on, over, or near water we have a course to fit your needs. With more than three decades of research and innovation behind us, Survival Systems USA has the staff, knowledge, and expertise to teach you the skills that may one day save your life.

What We Do

Our commitment to our company mission is manifested in post-incident survival training; whether it’s an aircraft ditched in coastal waters, vessel abandonment in the open ocean, or a motor vehicle submerged, we teach you the skills you need to perform surface abandonment, underwater egress, and to survive in an inhospitable environment, land and sea, with limited resources until rescued. Our high fidelity training utilizes incremental training combined with adult learning principles to facilitate meeting the learning objectives of our courses. Our experienced, patient staff works with each individual student to ensure success. When your survival is at stake you want the best. Our staff, and state of the art Survival Training Simulation Theater (STST™) provide that training. As a company Survival Systems USA has trained over 100,000 individuals with completion rate in excess of 99%. Our trainees come from diverse industries, and each with unique life experiences, and backgrounds. With our broad array of product offerings there is a course for everyone. Your success is our success. Your survival is our survival.

Be safe out there.