Media Mentions​

Media Mentions



August 2015.  Airport flies high on Aviation Day


February 2015. Inside Flooded Aircraft Survival–Fox News 


December 2014. How to Survive A Helicopter Crash


July 2014. Facility Crucial to Survival Training


June 2014. Soldiers Improve Underwater Survival Skills


May 2014. HOST Facility Crucial to Students Survival Training


May 2014. Southern New England Fishery News. Safety at Sea: What You Need in Your Life Raft


March 2014. Southern New England Fishery News. Safety at Sea: Should I Swim For It?


February 2014. Southern New England Fishery News. Safety at Sea: Major Wave Strike; Back Draft Fire; Three Men Overboard


January 2014. Southern New England Fishery News: I Need a Drink-Emergency Water Procurement


December 2013. Southern New England Fishery News. Safety at Sea: Sea Sickness-Get Rid of it and Get on Deck; You’ll Feel Better 


November 2013. Southern New England Fishery News. Safety at Sea: Patterns of Survival Require Mental Checklist Strategy


October 2013. Southern New England Fishery News. Safety at Sea: Jelly Fish! Knowledge and Awareness the Best Defense


September 2013. Southern New England Fishery News. Safety at Sea: Don’t Get Ripped-Currents


August 2013. Southern New England Fishery News. Safety at Sea: PFDs


July 2013. Southern New England Fishery News. Safety at Sea: Hypothermia


December 2012. Air Beat Magazine. Formulating A Plan For Your Own Mayday


December 2012. Popular Mechanics. How to Escape a Sinking Helicopter


February 2012. The New York Times. Survival Training for When a Pilot’s World Turns Upside Down


December 2011. Air Beat Magazine. Keeping It Real: Training Replication for SAR Scenarios


October 2011. The Courant. Surviving Plane Crashes: Survival Systems in Groton Can Teach You How


February 2010. Vertical Magazine. Survival Systems USA to provide Ditching Training at Heli-Expo


February 2009. San Antonio Fire MSOU Gets Real World Experience with SRT Helicopter


July 2005. Vertical Magazine. A Ditch in Time


April 2005. Connecticut Guardian. Pilots take crash course: Aviation unit trains to survive water landing


March 2005. Fire Engineering’s fire EMS Magazine. Getting Out Alive: Vehicle Submersion Training


January 2005. Scout. Helo Safety at Sea


2004. Corporate Connecticut. Crash. Burn. Survive. Learn.


February 2003. The Globe . Marines water survival training


2003. Aero Magazine. Licúes De Sobrevivencia


November 2002. Military Briefing. Troops to train in ‘dunker’


August 2002. Stars and Stripes . Marines go for dip in new survival tool


March 2002. The Day. Lindbergh Flies Again


2002. Heed the Warning…Learning from the Dunker


Spring 2002. Minuteman. Soldiers learn survival on the open ocean


2002. Profitable Growth Magazine. Winning Advice


November 2001. Comanche Flyer Training: Ditching


October 2001. Airbeat Magazine . Ditch Survival Training


August 2001. The Day . Groton company wins big contract


2001. Ditching Training Pays Off


June 2000. Flight Training Magazine. Survival in the Water


May 2000. Cessna Owner Magazine. Crash Survival


March 2000. Sport Aviation . Ditching in Connecticut: Learning to survive when you’re all wet


March 2000. FOSA (Friends of Sikorsky Airport)


February 2000. Plane & Pilot Magazine. Readback


February 2000. The Day . Sinking shows suit can save fisherman


September 1999. Airport News. Teaching crash survival: Crash survival training facility opens in Groton


August 1999. Water Flying Magazine. Static Disaster


August 1999. Airport Press. Special Supplement Education. Surviving Aircraft Ditching and Underwater Escapes


July 1999. Norwich Bulletin. JFK Jr’s airplane fell fast


July 1999. The New York Time. Training Pilots to Survive in the Water


June 1999. The Day. Company crates disasters to teach safety


June 1999 . Norwich Bulletin. Pilots taught crash survival


March 1999. New London County Today. Plane disaster survival tips offered


February 1999. Water Flying Magazine. New Products


August 1997. Atlantic Flyer. Going Down; Getting Out: Survival Systems Training




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