Leadership & Team Development Syllabus ​

OBJECTIVE - The Leadership & Team Development Program (L&TD) uses in-water survival exercises to build confidence, presence, and calmness in the face of personal adversity for the purpose of enhancing leadership skills and team dynamics.




- Strengthen leadership skills and team development beginning with classroom discussions followed by unique and memorable practical exercises such as life raft evacuation, underwater egress, surface water survival, jump from a height, and rescue.

- Improve stress awareness and control

- Take leadership roles in various scenarios

- Compare individual performance vs. team performance

- Illustrate the importance of reference points in problem solving

- Demonstrate appropriate use of resources

- Enhance emotional control, situational awareness, and self-confidence

- Create a positive, powerful and lasting shared experience


DURATION - Eight (8) Hours


PREREQUISITES - Eighteen (18) years of age at the time of training.


CERTIFICATION - All clients who complete the program in accordance with the learning and performance objectives will receive a Survival Systems USA, Inc. certificate.


REGISTRATION - All clients are required to complete and submit a Student Registration Form and a Statement of Health Form prior to attendance. These forms are available online via our website or by contacting the Registrar at .


SCHEDULING - This training program is offered through the Groton Training Center. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to schedule training.

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