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“I have done some pretty intense team building over the years…nothing as mentally, emotionally, or physically trying as today…so challenging and fun! Thank you Survival Systems and of course Mohegan Sun for this Amazing opportunity” 



- Erica Tessier VP Player Development, Mohegan Sun​

“It’s still stressful but I know each time when you go in there and you’re upside down, don’t touch that seat belt, stay oriented and stay calm,” said Stein. “We’re flying 80 percent over water, so if I’m ever put in that situation, I have the skills and the confidence to deal with it.”


 - Craig Stein Chief Pilot, Jet Aviation Holdings USA​


Only 32 percent of Americans are engaged in their work. Build Self Confidence and Work Better As A Team.


 Dana Jacobson reports MARCH 13, 2017, 8:14 AM| Our Pushing the Limits series has found an unconventional approach to boosting office morale. One company is taking a deep-down approach to help coworkers bond, by pushing them out of their comfort zone. 



Students attending a Survival Systems USA course are preparing for all aspects of a water emergency.


 The courses cover everything from preparing for impact, to underwater egress with and without an emergency breathing device, and surviving in the open water for an indefinite period of time. This training is effective for swimmers & non-swimmers alike.



Underwater Escape and Survival Training Since 1982 

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