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Survival Systems USA is the exclusive contracting agent of Survival Systems Limited, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), to all Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security offices for the acquisition of METS®, METS® products, and man-lift-rated systems. If you attended or observed egress training at any DoD or DHS facility – you have seen a Survival Systems product that has been contracted through Survival Systems USA. If you are in the acquisition pipeline, please contact us for a discussion on equipment, lead times, ROM, and contracting options.  

Survival Systems USA | Groton Training Center

U.S. Navy Model 12000 Jib & METS


U.S. Army Cross Gantry Hoist

Coast Guard HUET

U.S. Coast Guard RB-S METS

Marine Corps Dunker

U.S. Marine Corps SVET 

Simulated Rotor Downwash

Environmental Effects

Rescue Hoisting

Personnel-Rated Rescue Hoist


U.S. Army AH-64 METS

Army Dunker

U.S. Army A/MH-6 METS

SWET Chair

Shallow Water Egress Trainer (SWET)

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