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Netflix Original

Need a facility for public safety dive team training?  Need a production location for film, TV  & digital media? Need an R&D tank for testing before releasing your product or service? Survival Systems USA rents facilities only minutes off Interstate 95 and is conveniently located halfway between NYC and Boston.


Thinkmodo contacted us because they needed a place that had a deep enough pool with the right filtration system for visibility (you can’t just use a public pool for this kind of a shoot). “There was only one pool on the east coast that worked for us. It was in Groton, CT.” - Thinkmodo

Public Safety Dive Training Facility


One of our Public Safety clients, FDNY, uses our controlled environment to practice the foundational and advanced skills required for penetration diving, tending, line management, and victim extraction.

FDNY Dive Training

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Transform our facility to meet the needs of your project.


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Facility Rental

Film Production Location


Clients such as Netflix, rent our production location to film scenes from shows like the Netflix Original, The OA. We offer a pool, full theater, and 10,000-lb personnel-lift-rated overhead crane.

Research and Development (R&D) Facility


One of our R&D clients, IIAS (International Institute for Astronautical Sciences), uses our facility to educate the next generation of astronautical professionals. The curriculum focuses on spacecraft landing and post-landing phases, use of IVA (Intra-Vehicular Activity) spacesuits, and use of EVAs (Extravehicular Activity) in an underwater analog environment. Practical exercises include a full-scale mockup including NASA’s Orion spacecraft, ISS (International Space Station) Quest Airlock, and a parachute-drop apparatus to simulate various ejection and parachute entry training procedures into water.


OPS 102: Spacecraft Egress and Rescue Operations

BIO 104: Advanced Egress and Post-Landing Space Suit Evaluation

EVA 105: Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory EVA Operations Campaign

Project PoSSUM at Survival Systems USA

"The Spacecraft Egress and Rescue Operations Course was a great success, and I went away with tons of skills that will be helpful to know if I ever get into a dangerous situation in space… or more likely, out on the ocean!" - Ross Lockwood, PhD

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