4 different courses available.

4 hrs/0.5 day up to 16 hrs/2 day

Prepare to handle real-life emergencies and learn how to survive an aircraft ditching. Courses using the aircraft simulator (METS) are delivered in Groton, CT.

Regulations satisfied: HUET, EBS, ADC, AR-95-1, DTC, DTCR

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Mobile Training Team

3 different courses available.

4 hrs/0.5 day up to 8 hrs/1 day

Aviation Survival & Egress Training Courses delivered at a venue near you - does not include aircraft simulator (METS).

Regulations satisfied: AR-95-1​

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Sea Survival

3 different courses available.

4 hrs/0.5 day up to 8 hrs/1 day 

Prepare to survive while stranded in the open water with limited resources for an unknown period of time.  Courses offered in open water and indoors.

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Land Survival

1 course available.

8 hrs/1 day

Prepare to survive in the wild with limited resources for an unknown period of time. Course offered outdoors.

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General Emergency Duties

4 different courses available.

8 hrs/1 day up to 16 hrs/2 day​  

Prepare for in-flight emergencies at higher altitudes - First aid/CPR/AED, cabin decompression and oxygen delivery, highjacking, and a variety of other abnormal circumstances. Commonly combined with Aviation Survival & Egress Training Course.

Regulations satisfied: FAR 135.331, FAR 91 Sub-Part K

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Survival Systems USA offers a number of courses to address the risks faced by organizations and individuals as they travel by air, over water, or near water. As technology improves and travel becomes more economical, people are more frequently traveling by plane, helicopter, and boat. Career paths or lifestyles requiring frequent travel by air or water are at the greatest risk for a sudden emergency. Producing the best possible out comes during these emergencies means training and preparation before the emergency occurs. The urgency for survival training is multiplied when there is the potential to be stranded for indefinite period of time or when resources are limited. Whether traveling by air, water, or land you could find yourself in a life-threatening situation and in need of survival skills within a matter of seconds. Survival Systems USA provides the knowledge and training that may one day save your life or the life of a loved one.

"The intensity and quality of training you have provided for us over the years certainly adds to our comfort and competency in over water operations. As a safety conscious organization, your program continues to allow us to safely and effectively serve the citizens of the state of Maine and greater New England."Lifeflight of Maine

"The staff greeted us warmly immediately upon our arrival. The atmosphere at the facility was both casual and energetic. Instructors were well versed on the subject matter and had a terrific ability to present the necessary material while keeping the participants engaged and the learning environment light. The entire staff at Survival Systems USA worked effortlessly together and were with each of us every step of the way to ensure our understanding, comfort, and safety."Sherri Spagnola, Whirly-Girls


Course Categories

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Serving Airborne Law Enforcement Association and emergency services with emergency breathing device training and water survival training at a nearby location
Serving long time client Sikorsky with a custom survival course
Partnered with Airbus to deliver survival training
Serving long time client Sikorsky with a custom survival course
Serving Lifeflight of Maine in underwater escape training
Serving Whirly Girl helicopter pilots in aviation ditching training
Serving Wheels Up fixed wing pilots in general emergency duties
Training Jet Aviation pilots in aviation survival training

“Training & technology proven to save lives”

survival Training


Multiple custom courses available.

1/2 Day to 5 days

Tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Choose from the existing subjects or have an entirely new course developed.

For more information or to design your own course. Email us or call now 860-405-0002.


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