Groton Training Center

144 Tower Avenue
Groton, CT 06340




Allison Aquatics Training Facility


Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

7258 Night Stalker Way

Ft Campbell, KY 42223


(270) 798-9273

Helicopter Overwater Survival Training Facility


HOST Facility Bldg 6830 Dustoff Street

Ft. Rucker, AL 36362


Survival Systems USA, Inc.​

The HOST facility at FT. Rucker conducted its last day of training on 29 June 2018 due to a change in Flight School requirements. For the rest of Army Aviation, the AR 95-1 requirement continues. Army personnel in need of training due to an upcoming over-water mission, please contact us now to discuss your training options. 888-386-5371 or visit our Army Aviation Page.

Survival Systems USA

860-405-0002​  *  888-386-5371


Survival Systems USA, Inc.

144 Tower Avenue Groton, CT 06340