google-site-verification=bcGjWOcFeaf72x5r1NRvfJcIZd4stomOig1EVbYjgLU We are the world's leader in underwater egress training and water survival techniques. If your business or pleasure takes you on, over, or near water we have a course to fit your needs. With more than three decades of research and innovation behind us, Survival Systems USA has the staff, knowledge, and expertise.

Build your Self-confidence-Increase your stress Tolerance Work better as a team

A 2017 Gallup poll shows just 32% of Americans feel engaged in their work.

Leadership & Team Development

2 courses available.

4 hours /0.5 day up to 8 hours /1 day 

Build self-confidence as an individual and take team morale to a whole new level.

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Do you have people on your team struggling to unlock their true potential? Are you looking for ways to identify team members for leadership roles?


Survival Systems USA offers a leadership and team development experience to boost self-confidence, presence, and instill calmness in the face of personal adversity. For many people, participating in an unfamiliar experience or overcoming a fear gives them a sense of confidence in themselves. Sharing breakthrough experiences with others builds meaningful relationships and lasting trust within the team. When groups perform above their own expectations in our controlled environment, it translates well back in the ‘real world’ where problems they deal with at work or home seldom have the same gravity (although can feel overwhelming). The Survival Systems USA experience emphasizes spontaneous leadership, confronting personal adversity, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and learning to work with the resources and limitations available to accomplish tasks. How will you respond when faced with your next challenge?

Leadership & Team Building

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Members of our team completed the leadership and team development course at a very crucial and tense time. It was remarkable to see the transformation from the second we walked in the door to the second we walked out of the door in terms of attitude, communication and optimism. The course gave the team a fun and unconventional opportunity to get out of the workplace and away from the day to day stress and immerse themselves in a team bonding experience. After the training, I have witnessed increased confidence in participants and a bond that cannot be broken. “DITCHING DITCHING DITCHING,” is a common line spoken in meetings, in the hall and as an ice breaking story. I will be forever grateful for the role that Survival Systems USA played in making our team that much stronger." - Kelly Sullivan Director of Organizational Development, Mohegan Sun


Mobile Training Team 

1 course available.

4 hours /0.5 day

The Leadership & Team Development experience delivered at venue near you - does not include aircraft simulator (METS).

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Custom Experience

Experiences can be tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Choose from existing subjects or have an entirely new course developed.

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