Offshore Energy Water Survival Course

This program addresses the risks associated with travel over or near water by providing offshore wind, oil, and gas workers with air knowledge and skills to survive an offshore emergency. This program satisfies HUET requirements.



Presentation on hazards, equipment, and procedures associated with water survival

Live cabin fire control using a portable fire extinguisher

Basic underwater escape SWET (Shallow Water Egress Trainer)

Full disorientation HUET with METS® (Modular Egress Training Simulator)

How to don and deploy flotation devices - type 1 & Type 5 inflatable life vest

Person in Water (PIW) drills

Vessel evacuation drills

Surface water survival via group and personal hypothermia mitigation

Survival pattern - protection, first-Aid, signals, endurance

Types of life rafts - inflating, righting, boarding, and boarding injured personnel

Types of helicopter deployed rescue devices and associated hazards

Open water - life raft inflation, immersion suit drills/donning and use in 60 seconds

Use of Live pyrotechnics



Twelve (12) Hours | 1.5 Days


This course is conducted at Groton Training Center, Groton, CT and in the Long Island Sound in Groton, CT where participants are subject to New England seasons. In-case of inclement weather this course may be alternatively conducted in our temperature-controlled training environment.



Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age for full participation and certification. Participants under the age of 18 require parental consent and are welcome to participate in the classroom and other non-compressed air exercises, excluding the underwater METS® runs. Participants under the age of 12 may audit the course under the direct supervision of a guardian not involved in training.



All participants who complete the program in accordance with the learning and performance objectives receive a Survival Systems USA course completion certificate.



Courses are scheduled on a rolling basis. Training calendar seats are booked on a first come, first serve basis.​

Learn how to survive an offshore emergency

Handheld Flare


"Thank you for all the years training and all the future refresher courses!" - Sea To Shore Alliance. Right Whale Aerial Survey Team


"Excellent training. An absolute must for anyone who flies over or near water. Instruction and facilities are second to none." - Barrett

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