Unlock your team's true potential... 14 feet at a time...


Calling all aviators! Here is a service that will directly benefit you!


Survival Systems USA of Groton, CT, offers a life-changing Leadership and Team Development experience to boost team performance, confidence, stress-tolerance, and endurance. 


Survival Systems USA has been teaching aquatic survival since 1999 to military pilots, aviation organizations, the National Guard, the F.B.I., and the New York Police, among others, and providing knowledge that saves lives.


Survival Systems USA is now taking the benefits of learning aquatic survival to the private sector, helping organizations build employee performance and resilience.


“In my business, we change our clients’ lives. This course has changed our lives,” said Greg Drab, Fitness Coach and Owner of Advantage Personal Training.


The program uses team-building activities, and in-depth training on life-saving equipment. Participants are led to an indoor pool to face their fear of heights with a dramatic 14-foot drop into water during a simulated treacherous storm.  They must then navigate their way through several open water training techniques, both individually and as a team.


With each participant’s heart racing, they enter the final step of training – escaping a crashed aircraft.  In a safe and controlled environment, participants are secured in an aircraft simulator, submerged and flipped.  Breathless and under pressure, participants must bring each other to safety. It’s in these moments that groups come together, bonds are formed, and leaders are born.


“Members of our team completed the Leadership & Team Development program at a very crucial and tense time [for our organization],” said Kelly Sullivan, Director of Organizational Development at Mohegan Sun. “It was remarkable to see the transformation from the second we walked in the door to the second we walked out of the door in terms of attitude, communication and optimism. After the training, I witnessed increased confidence in participants and a bond that can’t be broken. I am grateful for the role that Survival Systems USA played in making our team that much stronger.”


The Survival Systems USA experience emphasizes leadership, building confidence, and the decision-making ability to work through limitations in stressful situations. It’s no surprise that participating in an unfamiliar situation or overcoming a fear awakens a newfound sense of confidence. When groups experience breakthroughs together, real change happens, barriers are broken, relationships are built, and lasting trust is established.


All training is customized to meet each organization’s goals.  Team strengths and weaknesses are addressed and programs are tailored to build team confidence, leadership, and communication.


According to recent participant Evelyn Aviles, “The program differs from any other leadership program I’ve done before because it physically puts you in the situation and pushes you forward.”


If you’re looking to take your group’s morale to the next level or identify team members for leadership roles, consider the revolutionary Leadership & Team Development experience offered by Survival Systems USA. After all, if your team can survive the challenging obstacles of a 14-foot drop and a simulated plane crash, what else can they do?


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