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Netflix Original
Netflix Original

Need a facility for public safety dive team training? Trying to film a commercial or need a location for your movie?  Need an R&D tank for your project? 


Survival Systems USA offers the only clear water 30 x 30 x 13 ft deep square well tank with a 10 x 30 x 4 ft deep shallow end. With fresh water heated to 85 degrees it is the only one of its kind the New England area!  The facility can be converted for your use, both inside and out, with sufficient staging area outside for RVs, catering trucks, equipment transport, portable production facilities, and temperature-controlled gear storage.   Need a production facility in the area in conjunction with your movie/commercial shoot?  Survival Systems USA offers access to a local production company, along with a sound stage.  Survival Systems USA provides a location solution to meet your needs!​

Thinkmodo Commercial Filmed at Survival Systems USA


Thinkmodo contacted us because they needed a place that had a deep enough pool with the right filtration system for visibility (you can’t just use a public pool for this kind of a shoot). “There was only one pool on the east coast that worked for us. It was in Groton, CT.” - Thinkmodo

Facility for Public Safety Dive Training... Fuselage, Vehicle, Vessel Penetration & Victim Extraction


Is your department in need of a controlled environment to practice the foundational and advanced skills required for penetration diving, tending, line management, and victim extraction?​ The Survival Systems USA Groton Training Center houses an indoor training theater with an overhead lifting system and dive training simulator. All conveniently located halfway between NY and Boston, MA. Our facility is the only of its kind in New England and one of the locations used by FDNY personnel to conduct their dive team’s training.

Facility Features:


  • Use of facility qualifies for federal funding: Homeland Security Grant (HOM17)
  • 100,000 gallons of heated fresh water
  • Square well training tank 30' x 30' x 13' deep end | 10' x 30' x 4' shallow end
  • Ample space for staging dive operations
  • Unlimited onsite SCUBA fills and onsite temperature-controlled gear storage


Simulator & Theater Features:


  • Usable simulator space of 15' x 7.5' x 6' (over 675 cubic feet)
  • Replicate specific vessels, passenger vehicles, buses, and aircraft
  • Choose from over 30 types of ingress/egress points of all shapes and sizes
  • Reproduce final wreckage resting positions with 0 - 180 degrees of orientation
  • Maximize use of time with quick scenario reset between each training iteration
  • Add your departments radio/dispatch/calls for custom scenarios
  • Instantly adjust level of scenario intensity from daylight to night and add inclement weather or severe storm conditions


Training Features:


  • Fine-tune diver dexterity with push, pull, and mechanical type exits
  • Familiarize divers with a variety of seat belts and seating configurations
  • Simulate dive operation from set up to break-down
  • Confined space penetration with multi-victim extraction for divers and tenders
  • High angle entry, hoisting, and lowing ops from a platform 14' above the tank​
FDNY Dive Training


Transform our facility to meet the needs of your project.


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Facility Rental

Filming by Lunar Mining for the Netflix Original “The OA”

Filming by Thinkmodo for Technomarine

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