GWO BST-1005

Safe Access and Rescue

Survival Systems USA Wind Energy Training

Basic Safety Training​

The Global Wind Organization’s Basic Safety Training program (GWO-BST) is the safety standard for those working at height in the wind energy industry. It is globally recognized and ensures that any GWO-BST certificate holders demonstrate competence and proficiency in skills that will enable them to work safely at height and respond effectively if an emergency occurs. GWO certified through ENSA.



• GWO1002 Work at Height

• GWO102 Manual Handling

• GWO2002 First Aid

• GWO101 Fire Awareness



Initial: Thirty-two (32) Hours | 4 Days

Refresher: Sixteen (16) Hours | 2 Days



Survival Systems USA's Groton Training Center, CT or client site



Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age for full participation and certification. Participants under the age of 18 require parental consent.



Participants engage in rigorous activity and should be in a good state of health, and physically capable of fully taking part in all course exercises. This program includes climbing up a ladder or tower, working at an elevated platform, and egressing from a height using rescue devices.


Students need work boots and a photo ID. We provide all other equipment.



Book training calendar seats first-come, first-served basis.​



All participants who complete the full program in accordance with the learning and performance objectives receive a course completion certificate and GWO (WINDA) credit (24-month expiry).



This program is comprised of the four required ENSA GWO modules to complete the GWO 1005 Basic Safety Training Certification. The modules within the ENSA GWO BST-1005 program include: Work at Height (WAH 1002), Manual Handling (MH 102), Medic First Aid + Trauma (FA 2002), Fire Awareness (FAW 101)


Other Basic Modules: Sea Survival (GWO SS), GWO Refreshers


Advanced Modules: Enhanced First Aid (EFA), Advanced Rescue Training (ART-H) (ART-N)

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