We Have Advanced Rescue Training Courses Available​​

Ensuring Efficient Rescues from a Wind Turbine​

GWO ART (Advanced Rescue Training)

These advanced GWO modules enable participants working in a remote wind turbine environment to learn the risks associated with confined space rescue operations and ensure more efficient rescues. GWO certified through ENSA.



• (GWO ART-N) ARTNTBR GWO Nacelle, Tower & Basement Rescue
• (GWO ART-H) ARTHSIBR GWO Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade Rescue



Initial & Refresher

Twenty-one (21) Hours | 3 Days



Survival Systems USA's Groton Training Center, CT



Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age for full participation and certification. Participants under the age of 18 require parental consent.



Participants engage in rigorous activity and should be in a good state of health, physically capable of fully taking part in all course exercises. This program includes climbing up a ladder or tower, working on an elevated platform, and performing rescues using rescue devices.


Participants are required to bring work boots and a photo ID. All other equipment will be provided.


Valid GWO Work at Height, GWO Manual Handling, and GWO First Aid certificates are prerequisites for participation. Participants must produce a certificate for previous confined space training.



Book training calendar seats on a first-come, first-served basis.



All participants who complete the full program in accordance with the learning and performance objectives receive four (2) completion certificates and GWO (WINDA) credit (24-mo expiry).



​These modules teach entry-type casualty rescue operations in a turbine using industry-standard rescue equipment, rescue methods, and techniques exceeding those of GWO Work at Height. This program consists of two main modules. Other more basic modules are found within BST.


Basic modules: GWO BST-1005 Program, Work at Height (WAH 1002), Manual Handling (MH 102), First Aid (FA 2002), Fire Awareness (FAW 101), Sea Survival (GWO SS), GWO Refreshers


Advanced modules: Enhanced First Aid (EFA), Advanced Rescue Training (ART-H) (ART-N)

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